Animal mascots

Animal mascots

A good mascot significantly contributes to the visibility of companies and brands.

Marketing campaigns are easier, funnier, more visible and more effective.


Our  animal mascots are made from top quality materials and are technically and artistically perfect.

We make the mascot according to your proposal or we jointly develop its final look.




T: +386 (0) 31 471 989

animal mascots

animal mascots



T: +386 (0) 31 471 989


Frequently asked questions

 mascot Happy
mascot Happy

We would like to have an animal mascot but have no idea. What to do?
Simply call or email us. Together we will come up with an idea and a final result. We have an idea, but we do not have a picture, drawing… We can provide the sketch. Together, we form it to mutual satisfaction.


How long does it take from the idea to the final mascot?
Time of the sketch finalization and the mascot production is very different. It depends on several factors, mainly on the sequence of the orders. Usually 1-6 weeks.


What about the delivery?
We send mascots by mail or deliver them in person, free of charge.


What about the copyrights?
By paying the bill, all the rights belong to the client. We reserve the right to publish photographs of a mascot for marketing purposes.

What is the “life time” of a mascot?
The mascot can perform its mission for a long time. With proper handling, storage and cleaning, there are no worries for several years.


From the idea to the animal mascots

The process of creating a mascot takes place in three steps!


  If you already have an idea, a big problem is solved. The idea in the form of a drawing, a sketch, 3D design, etc. … will speed up the process and the mascot can go immediately into production. Do you have an idea in your head only or you don’t have it at all? Contact us and we will develop it together to its final look.


After a detailed discussion with you, we draw design of the mascot with corrections to fulfill your expectation. Once you approve it, the mascot goes immediately into production.


Once the sketch is approved, the mascot goes into production. We select materials, the size and all the details set before … and the skilled hands of our team will create a wonderful


Accessories for animal mascots

Accessories and spare parts for mascots
  We make spare gloves, shoes, feet, tail, hoof, ear, hair…. on demand. Do you have an old mascot, missing a body part? Are the shoes already worn out? We can equip mascots with accessories for easy and efficient animation. We can add winter or summer options, cheerleading equipment, skis, hats, jewelry, caps, watches, flags, bags, Santa’s hats, etc.

Mascot stand
  Some mascots should not be stored in a position in which they can lose their shape! Therefore we recommend a stand, which will keep the mascot `s shape. The stand is small and practical. Order it together with the mascot to prevent the risk of deformation.

Mascot bag
  Mascots are easily transferred to animation venue and back. The bag protects it from the weather and dirt. Transportation is easier and simpler. There is no need to be afraid that the mascot would get dirty during the transport, because the bag is easier to wash than a mascot. Bags are made of two different materials: parachute cloth or leatherette. The bags come in size M, L, XL or on request.


Custom made mascot
Custom made mascot

What do you gain with a mascot?

A good mascot significantly contributes to the visibility of your company and brand.

  • Marketing campaigns are easier, funnier, more visible and more effective.
  • Mascot strengthens the brand and increases its recognition.
  • Mascot attracts new customers and investors.
  • With a mascot you can create new activities of promotion.
  • With a mascot you can advertise new products.
  • It is suitable for trade fairs and major events where it stands out among your
  • People like to take photos with mascots. Take advantage of this for a marketing campaign. A mascot offers the possibility of developing various souvenirs with its image. Plush toys, key chains, mugs…

mascots for marketing

mascots for marketing


1. Mascots can attract new sponsors
   For example, a department store sponsors the Tampa Bay Lightning mascots, Thunderbug and Ladybug.


This sponsorship would not have been likely if the team did not have the mascots, and allows the department to leverage its relationship to the team by frequent store appearances by the popular characters.

2. Mascots allow you to build new promotions
You can build new promotions with your mascot on a single game or repeat basis. Promotions might include a mascot game at half time, or a pizza giveaway delivered by your mascot at each game.

3. Merchandise
You can create merchandise for your mascot Character that can be sold to generate significant revenue. Plush Dolls, T-shirts, key chains, etc. can all be developed around your character and represent another product in your retail merchandise offerings.


4. Appearances
Your character can charge for appearances. You should be able to create celebrity status with your character. We have heard to some teams charging up to $600.00 per hour for local corporate events.

5. Entertainment Experience
A great mascot can add to the entertainment experience for the fan. It is rare that a team can play its absolute best all game, every game. A mascot can make fans feel they were still entertained, even if it wasn’t the team’s best game.


6. Visibility
 A mascot can give the team high visibility in the community. Players aren’t always available for public appearances, and your mascot may be more easily recognized. When Street Characters President Glenn Street spoke at the NHL League meetings this summer, one team representative said “When we take our franchise player and our mascot and send them down the street, more people will recognize the Mascot than the playerÓ. To the average person a mascot can be easily associated with its team.

T: +386 (0) 31 471 989

Mascots production – Quality from Slovenia


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Mascots from Slovenia
Mascots from SloveniaHaving a mascot will help build your brand identity and will definitely strengthen your stand on the market. Given this, it will make your brand more recognizable and become top of the mind of the consumers.


Since 2000, we’ve been creating delightfully original and bespoke mascots. Each mascot is made-to-order, bringing to life and reflecting our clients’ concepts, goals, and aspirations … and, unlike other businesses in the field, we never (ever) work with a ‘stock’ of pre-designed mascots or outsource our work.


Each of our one-of-a-kind mascots is both hand-made and custom-made with luxury features coming as standard. We only work to one level, and that is Premium. Yes, this is more expensive, but hey, you wouldn’t expect to get a Mercedes on the cheap.

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Animal mascots for marketing branding

Animal mascots for sport teams



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Production and sale of mascots for marketing campaigns, for clubs, schools, mascots for animation and events at home and abroad!

What exactly is a mascot and why is it worth having?

In basic terms, in design and marketing, a mascot is a character, a personified image that becomes a symbolic representation of a brand, company or even a public figure. The term origins from the French word “mascotte” which means lucky charm.

The process of creating a mascot goes through three stages; idea, design and manufacture.

Mascots, also called brand characters, serve as ambassadors of a company or a product. They can be humans, animals or objects. Mascots have been used for a long time, but the Internet world and social media gave them a new life. Now brand characters are more popular than ever before.


This is particularly important in today’s competitive business world, in which organizations are constantly looking for new ways to connect with their audience and create a corporate story that customers are willing to buy into.

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